20. Januar 2015

Merel – Merel

Some emotive hardcore. You could even listen to the LP on youtube. I uploaded my own LP rip so it could be not that good as the CD rip, but who cares. I adore the cover of the record to be honest.


Artist  : Merel
Album   : Merel
Genre   : Punk
Label   : Gern Blandsten
Year    : 1993
Source  : Vinyl

01. Lint For Brains
02. So Lovely Warmth
03. Rusty Fish Dead Pipes
04. Poolside And Potbellied
05. Waiting For A Fist Fight First
06. Cock Diesel
07. Bile (The Golden Years)
08. Pinatubo Said You Out
09. Outro

2 Kommentare:

  1. It's great! Would you be able to scan the covers too? Thanks.

  2. As it is a LP, I have no scanner large enough to get the cover scanned ;)