31. Dezember 2012

Born As A Joke 2x 7inch

Well, to be honest, these guys put out only two seven inches. It didn't last for a long player but I bet it would be as great as these two seven inches. German punk rock with a bit pop and english lyrics. I really like the artwork. The vinyl colour matches always the cover colour.

http://www.m ediafire.com/?lyj6hk6ox4fso9x

No Pipes No Horns
http://www.mediafir e.com/?nrapf6xrku4pbuy

29. Dezember 2012

Calling Gina Clark 3x

Calling Gina Clark was the predecessors of A Fine Boat, That Coffin!, playing a comparable style of slightly chaotic hardcore with screaming vocals. It's not yet that jazzy like in AFBTC but great, too. Well, I don't know if there are more than these three releases but they should be enough for this post. At least for the remains seconds of 2012.

5 Song Demo Tape
http://www.mediafi re.com/?8yl6ci241555p25

Selftitled 5"
http://www.m ediafire.com/?mq28f1vedcmc1hm

Split with Dispensing Of False Halos
http://www.mediafi re.com/?wlbambzs1qdq5da

25. Dezember 2012

Außer Ich -- Auf der Fahrradstraße nachts um halb eins

Some modern german punk rock. For now I have no tracklist but the mp3 files are correctly tagged.

download at mediafire