19. Oktober 2012

Kinjite – Kinjite 7"

http://www.medi afi re.com/down load.php?i7s29mt87ed1mfb <- this is the download link, yes.

 Well, some nice hardcore again, eleven years old. The older the better maybe? Already quite chaotic screamo in my opinion, but noone would ever ask me. I think of Swing Kids while listening to them. Maybe that's the right reference.
  • The Difference Between The Difference
  • Hearts Catching Fire
  • The Simulation Of Life
  • First Breath Revolution
Download at mediafire.

16. Oktober 2012

Killflavour – Killflavour 7"

Rex Rotari is in my opinion a quite decent record label. They delivered also the 7" of Killflavour, some nice noiseposthardcorepunk with screams and melodies.

Have fun with these three songs from 1997:
  • Help The Blind Men Shooting
  • Competing With Another Future
  • Gap / Loop
... and download them at mediafire.

2. Oktober 2012

Rocko Schamoni – Weiter/Muster

Lucky me, i do not limit this blog to certain genres. Lucky you, you can listen to Rocko Schamonis SchlagerBlumfeldMix. At least he is related to Punk in terms of being part of the Die Goldenen Zitronen.

The two songs Weiter and Muster were released in 2007 and I highly recommend the song Weiter. Well this really got me. Haha

Get it from mediafire.!