11. September 2012

Things which are uploaded again I

Finally some old uploads are back again. Back when rapidshare were useable and megaupload still there. Now the bits are hold at mediafire and I guess they will be there at least for the next three hours. Maybe a bit longer. Use the title links to get your copy from mediafire.

And please continue to ask for some restored uploads.
Ausgang Ost—Mach mir die Schere

VA Sieger Sehen Anders Aus #1 #2 #3

To make it short, this post provides all three (?) issues of "Sieger Sehen Anders Aus". This is what they look like:


First issue comes with six songs:
  1. Atemnot – Entscheidung
  2. Aufschrei – Staatsgewalt
  3. Tunnelangst – Alles Lüge
  4. A.B.K. – Game Over
  5. Falling Down – Violence Is Cool
  6. Allgemeines Chaos Kommando* – Politikverdrossenheit
All songs comes with the typical german Deutschpunk. Also, the record was co-released on one of Atemnot's member's record label. Highly political lyrics.


For me the fourth song is interesting. Young band Die Strafe seems to be misplaced as they are not the typical polical Deutschpunk. Therefore they should have named their song "Keine Zukunft" haha.
  1. Tunnelangst – Lachen
  2. Atemnot – Setz Dich Zur Wehr
  3. Popperklopper – Hoffnung
  4. Die Strafe – Zukunft - Live '96
  5. Popperklopper – Erster Eindruck
  6. B.K.A. – Bulle
I don't know why Popperklopper has the honour to have two songs on this records. But I guess they were back in this time one of the scene masters in the matter of Deutschpunk. Well don't get me wrong, I do not use the term Deutschpunk in a pejorative way.


Atemnot as only constant in this series. Why not. You guess right, again six Deutschpunk songs.
  1. Fuckin' Faces – Ich Geb' Auf
  2. Something To Burn – Secret Kind
  3. Tetra Vinyl – Die Zeit, Die Nie Vergeht
  4. Morgentot – So Bin Ich
  5. Atemnot – Einfach Freiheit
  6. Kapitulation B.o.N.n. – Echte Helden

10. September 2012

VA Tic Tac Toe

Again one fanzine 7". Tic Tac Toe was only released with two issues in 1992. This 7" is from the last issue. For me the songs of Gigantor and Peace Of Mind are interesting.
  1. Gigantor – Helloween I
  2. Chemical Maze – No Expectatins
  3. Engrained – Accomplishment
  4. Limbo Zotie – I Want To Piss On Your Suffer
  5. Peace Of Mind – Green Haze
Get it at mediafire.

9. September 2012

Superstolk 2000 / Looplab – Was kostet die Welt?

Such a nice design. Wonderful colours and comic-esque drawings. I wanted this 7" for long time just because it was released on Knorz Records. Of course, this is no punk rock. It's more like synth-pop but with the right attitude.
  1. Superstolk 2000 – Was Kostet Die Welt?
  2. Superstolk 2000 – Kleiner Schlumpf
  3. Looplab – Theme From Looplab
Donelead at mediofeurio

8. September 2012

VA Zefix #3

The fanzine Kruzefix #3 came with a seven inch which contained five songs. Well, not even discogs does know when it was released but today fanzines and magazines only released the brochure with CDs or, even cooler, with Tapes. Nevertheless the vinyl brings some punk and ska tunes.

  1. District – Propaganda Tool
  2. Satanic Mechanics – Valley Grrrl
  3. Bluekilla – Rudeboyland
  4. Bad News – Dead End Street
  5. Backoffs – Trip To Wonderland
  6. Horror Sapiens – Chaos In Der U-Bahn
Me dia fi re dow nl oad

3. September 2012

VA Hier brennt doch die Welt

Dagegen, auf allen Ebenen, mit allen Mitteln
Again, one benefit sampler straight outta Göttingen (?). Be-friended bands El Mariachi and Mad Minority make up Stackatto Granato (I love this name). The title (Here burns the world) is taken from the jail diaries of John Rittmeister. He was decapitated on May 13th, 1943 by Nazi hangman. His incrimination was (co-)producing anti-fascist flyers.

  1. El Mariachi – Durchhalteparolensong III
  2. Mad Minority – Klonkind
  3. Stackatto Granato – Reiß Die Fassade Ein!
  4. Stackatto Granato – Nieten Kaiser
  5. Stackatto Granato – Aufstand Geprobt
Download (maybe) at Mediaphire.

2. September 2012

VA Hardcore vs. Hunting

This is one nice UK Hardcore compilation. And to make it even better, it is made against fox-hunting, meaning its benefits were made for anti-fox-hunting campaigns.
  1. Burning The Prospect – Never Forget
  2. Burn All Flags – Burn The Hunt
  3. Knifed – I Don't Know
  4. Among The Missing – In The Eyes Of God
  5. Boxed In – The Blood Runs Red
  6. Fuck Hate Propaganda – Breathless Death
  7. Lee Malvo – Untitled
  8. What Price Wonderland? – Another Vessel For Destruction
Download (not only) at Mädiefire.