31. Januar 2020

EA80 live Tapes

Hi Leute,

hier mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen.

Bevor die ganzen Live-Mitschnitte bei mir auf der Platte versauern, und man soll ja immer Backups machen, habe ich den Kram mal komplett hochgeladen. Ich kann euch nicht davon abhalten ihn runterzuladen. Teilweise sind die Mitschnitte nicht von mir. Deshalb gehen dann, wie man Neudeutsch so sagt, Props an die entsprechenden Ersteller heraus. Ihr wisst, wer ihr seid.

Wuppertal 24.08.1985
Köln underground 07.10.2000
Krefeld kufa 1992
Kaltenkirchen 12.04.2003
Paderborn 16.03.1985
Kaltenkirchen (2) 12.04.2003
Heidelberg 13.02.1991
Marl 07.03.1992
Hamburg 21.12.1990
Raunheim 1987
Köln 2000
Hamburg 13.04.2003
Bremen 20.05.1990
Osnabrück 30.05.1986
Ludwigsfelde 2000

Viel Spaß.
Schöne Grüße
Beschwerden bitte an den Urheber.
Danksagungen bitte ins Gästebuch.

20. Oktober 2015

V-Mann Joe

Vielleicht kann hier jemand helfen? Wer hat noch mehr Informationen zu V-Mann Joe?

Anybody can help out? More information to V-Mann Joe are desperately needed.

2. Juni 2015

Die Aggressiven Stuhlbeine – Die Aggressiven Stuhlbeine


Perfect band name: the aggressive chair legs. And on the front cover you can see Helmut Kohl, pictured with his then so-called Birne (pea) head. This is some raw Deutschpunk from back when there were two Germanys.


A1 Intro
A2 Wir
A3 Imperialisten
A4 Nato-Mörder
B1 Du Bist Das Gesetz
B2 Betrogene Liebe
B3 Bumm Bumm
B4 What Shall We Do...
B5 Offenbarung

31. Mai 2015

Motorambo – Eine Triologie In Fünf Teilen

Noisepunk captured on a 10 inch vinyl.


A1 Karg
A2 Turbohai
A3 Little Red Rioting Hood
B1 Fasson
B2 Inventur

27. Mai 2015

Hell No – Superstar Chop

Release by X-Mist with incredible cover artwork. Good bye Mickey.


A The Greatest Vs. The Robots Of Destroy
B1 Be Nice To Spiders
B2 Worker's Comp.

22. Mai 2015

Craving – Comparable Traces


Release on Scene Police. Some advanced hardcore/punk from Germany.


A1 Chicken Ranch
A2 Discount
B1 Beat: Pathological

19. Mai 2015

Cyan – Penfriend / You Can Break My Heart

Another two tracks of indie rock. I really love the colour and the weight of the vinyl. It's adorable like the songs.


A1 Penfriend
A2 You Can Break My Heart

16. Mai 2015

This Moment In Black History – Hung Up

Two tracks from 2003.


A Hung Up 2:18
B Electric Grand Lover 1:42

23. Januar 2015

Die Aggressiven Stuhlbeine – Schlie

Die Aggressiven Stuhlbeine (the aggressive chair legs) with some solid Deutschpunk. I have no idea when this tape was released but now it finally found it's way to the so-called internet. Have fun. This is a re-upload, the original post can be found here.


Artist  : Die aggressiven Stuhlbeine
Album   : Schlie
Genre   : Punk
Label   : No Label
Year    : 199x (maybe late 80s?)
Source  : Tape

01. Intro
02. Wir
03. Imperialisten
04. Nato-Mörder
05. Du bist das Gesetz
06. Betrogene Liebe
07. Bumm Bumm
08. What shall we do...
09. Offenbarung

20. Januar 2015

Merel – Merel

Some emotive hardcore. You could even listen to the LP on youtube. I uploaded my own LP rip so it could be not that good as the CD rip, but who cares. I adore the cover of the record to be honest.


Artist  : Merel
Album   : Merel
Genre   : Punk
Label   : Gern Blandsten
Year    : 1993
Source  : Vinyl

01. Lint For Brains
02. So Lovely Warmth
03. Rusty Fish Dead Pipes
04. Poolside And Potbellied
05. Waiting For A Fist Fight First
06. Cock Diesel
07. Bile (The Golden Years)
08. Pinatubo Said You Out
09. Outro

13. Januar 2015

The Story So Far ...

Ok, it took me more than one year to get back to blogging. I hope I have now more enthusiasm for keep posting. I have digitalized many records and tapes that are probably hard to find or don't even exists in a digital form on this new hyped thing called "internet". We will see. Anyway, if you want me to re-upload some tapes or records, please make a comment anywhere.


Mehr als ein Jahr, bis ich hier wieder mal etwas schreibe. Das passiert, aber ich hoffe, dass ich nun mehr Enthusiasmus habe, hier mehr zu posten. Denn es gibt so vielel Platten und Bänder, die ich digitalisiert habe, und an denen die Welt teil haben soll. Postet doch auch ein paar Downloads, die ich neu machen soll.

11. Januar 2015

Die Judäische Volxfront – Bluthochdruck Tape

The judaen popular front (not to be confused with the popular front of judaa) was a german punk band around the corner of Kassel. Here's their tape. All female, not that this is something important but ...

Artist  : Judäische Volxfront
Album   : Bluthochdruck Tape
Genre   : Punk
Label   : Not On Label
Year    : 1998
Source  : Tape

01. Intro
02. Pseudopsychopath
03. Leadstar
04. Disco bzw. Scheißdisco
05. Betablocker
06. Weltverbesserungslied
07. Zuviel Regen für mein Leben
08. Goodlooking Man
09. Scheisse an verschiedenen Plätzen und ihre Folgen
10. Outro

> Download >

31. Oktober 2013

Molto Rumore Per Nulla ‎– untitled 7"

Discogs user have recognized this record as Punk. I think it's more emo or even screamo. At least it's not only punk. I think the best: they sing in Italian. Everyone should listen to more non-English Screamo. So please start here. And by the way, there are only 20 listeners on last.fm :(
ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/i429v4xi4c9g0d4/ PW: cro2

30. Oktober 2013

Mutilated Ear-Drum ‎– Emetological Rotten Requiems 3" CDr

Once, I owned this record. It's was packaged in a small plastik bag. It looked so nice and innocent: a 3" CDr with one vomiting girl as cover. Grindcore and Noise from Greece. No surprise the bandname is already the full program. Expect no prisoners, only victims. Haha. Later I sold this record because grindcore listeners have much money. But as there are only less than 100 copies, I think everyone should be able to give it a listen. I dare you!
Again: ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/2ef43aq6686528n/ and cro2 as pass\/\/0rt