12. November 2012

Veloz Veloz

Well, a cover with an eight-legged-horse, and a song call Yggdrasil. Both reminds me of Forced To Decay and Sleipnir. Nevermind: React With Protest put out this records which is a clear hindsight for surpreme hardcore. I guess this is true for this record, too.

  1. Wake The Plague
  2. Killer Fiction
  3. Yggdrasil
  4. Demon Parasites
  5. Second Nature

This is not a download link.

10. November 2012

VA Homo Homini Lupus

MacGyver and Farewell Records put out this compilation in 1998. It contains many good bands:

  1. Gomorrha – Conflit
  2. Pink Flamingos – Pennies From Heaven
  3. Calloused – Desensitized
  4. Autoritär – To Start A War
  5. Irritate – Weak Shit
  6. Comatose – Walking (Up And Forth)
  7. Shank (3) – Hammer Of The Gods
  8. S.C.D. – Den Ljusnande Framtid Ar Var

This is one link to a one click hoster which holds the songs.

6. November 2012

Schwester Sioux – Schwester Sioux

And again an austrian Sacro Egoismo records from the mid 90s. I guess the main title "Schwanzmann" gives the Marschrichtung. It is female fronted emotional punk.
  1. Schwanzmann
  2. Schwanzmann's Ende
  3. At Home
  4. Wrench
Dow|nl|oad not at med14fir3

4. November 2012

Simulcast – Simulcast

Hey, finally the days are getting shorter and everyone has more time to listen to good music. If you don't know what good music is, take Simulcast. German, late 90s diy hardcore.
  1. Schnell, Schnell
  2. Faith Value
  3. Sue
  4. Fratze
Enjoy. download at mediafire