28. Juli 2012

Licht – Licht

Oh well, this 7" contains a strong reference to EA80. Sorry for all this EA80 buzzwording

Not only is Licht also a title of a track and an album of EA80 but this release also contains an image from this release.
To talk about the contained music, there are some soft and emotional tunes. I guess there stops the EA80 references. But it's really worth one try.

  • A Himmel (heaven)
  • B1 Geburtstag (birthday) 3:19
  • B2 Tu's Doch! (just do it!)
Get it at Mediafire: wait 23 seconds

20. Juli 2012

Kein Wort Der Reue – KWDR

This 7" was once offered at german ebay. It's title included EA80, too. Why not. A bit sXe and Skinhead and punk and every record will sell in minutes..

Kein Wort Der Reue (No words for remorse) released this 7" in 1992 with four songs.
  1. Arschloch Light (arsehole light)
  2. Krawattenhasser (tie hater)
  3. Babylon Lebt (Babylon's alive)
  4. Schmutz (crap)
 I think it's a nice-to-listen. More than 20 years old. Download it at madiefire.

18. Juli 2012

Halle 54 – Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei & Schöne neue Welt

[Update] Links are restored. Have fun.

Doppelpack Halle 54. Keine Ahnung, ob die noch mehr Tonträger haben. Beide Tapes sind schon etwas älter.
Edit: Ein aufmerksamer Leser berichtet, worum es sich bei dem Bandnamen handelt, damit sich niemand mehr fragen muss, was 1954 in Halle los war: „in "halle 54" war eine ganze menge los, aber nur, wenn man das auslassungszeichen wegläßt. gemeint ist die (produktions)-"halle 54" im volkswagen-werk wolfsburg. die halle 54 war die erste halle, welche vollautomatisiert ausschließlich mit industrierobotern arbeitete.“ Dazu passt das Tape-Cover (Der Ausspruch und das versteckte VW-Logo, sowie der Titel), danke für die sachdienlichen Hinweise. Der Präsentkorb geht nach Klein-Schießmichtot a. d. Waldnaab. [herunterladen DfJsv]|[herunterladen SnW]

Tracks (Fetten Jahre):
  1. ich bin ein schwein
  2. junk
  3. sieh hin - schlag zu
  4. tagesthemen
  5. dein kopf
  6. gameshow overkill

Tracks (Schöne neue Welt):
  1. punks 85
  2. tot
  3. isolationshaft
  4. begrenzt haltbar
  5. hurra
  6. hoert auf zu heulen
  7. geschichte
  8. halle 54
  9. aids
  10. schmutzgeschaefte (live)
  11. punks 85 (live)

17. Juli 2012

Die Kanzlers – Wenn es die Zeit erfordert

Again, we have here a early german punk records. Early means here late 80s and german punk something between crippled Neue Deutsche Welle and Punk Rock. But it could be worse. At least they created some nice sing-a-longs.

Forgot to scan the cover, here's only the label.
Die Kanzlers' EP offers two songs:
  1. Wenn es die Zeit erfordert
  2. Alte Liebe
I think these cover romantics and politics. It can be a rumour but the drummer Frank Otto later played in famous indie-post-punk band Kurt. You know, the one that had a split with Blendwerk which I thought was already on this blog.

Download the EP at mediafire.

12. Juli 2012

Shag – Panik in der Hauptstadt 7"

For many weeks and months there is this one auction at german eBay which offers the 7" "Panik in der Hauptstadt" from Shag. 12.99 Euro is much money for a two song vinyl. Maybe this records is rare but how about to listen to it first? Give it a try. And decide if it really sounds like EA80 or Boxhamsters. I don't think so. Nevertheless it's nice german punk rock from the early 90s. Never heard something else from the four Duisburg guys.

One side features the title song "Panik in der Hauptstadt" (Panic in the capital) and the other side runs "Ich habe genug" (I have enough). Six minutes, eight megabytes.

11. Juli 2012

The Bionic Elbows & Se Sichelzecken Split

I finally re-uploaded this fine release. Two awesome german bands. There names are full of win I guess.
Die Bandnamen sind ja schon Hammer, aber die Musik erstmal. Se Sichelzecken haben sich 2002 in Köln gegründet und bis 2008 ihre Musik unter das Volk gebracht. Nachfolgeprojekt ist Mofa. Mitglied Oile Lachpansen ist auch als Liedermacher/Accustic-Haudegen unterwegs. Tjoa, und The Bionic Elbows? Stehen den Sichelzecken in nichts nach! :D


  1. The Bionic Elbows - Playin' Games [03:12]
  2. The Bionic Elbows - Bionic [02:34]
  3. The Bionic Elbows - Sorry [02:05]
  4. The Bionic Elbows - Outta Space Experience [03:20]
  5. The Bionic Elbows - Romeo Agent [03:14]
  6. The Bionic Elbows - Vaseline & Gasoline [03:23]
  7. Se Sichelzecken - Super Band [00:10]
  8. Se Sichelzecken - Tod für Deutschland [01:11]
  9. Se Sichelzecken - Amerika sucht den Superkrieg [01:17]
  10. Se Sichelzecken - Ich will kein SARS haben [02:17]
  11. Se Sichelzecken - Spermatango [02:24]
  12. Se Sichelzecken - Wir sind die Sichelzecken [02:06]
  13. Se Sichelzecken - Ich mach alles kaputt [01:09]
  14. Se Sichelzecken - Kint [01:11]
  15. Se Sichelzecken - Domplattenpunker [01:31]
  16. Se Sichelzecken - Doch O.k. [01:55]
  17. Se Sichelzecken - Affenmann [03:09]

36:15 min
62.2 MB

10. Juli 2012

Another Problem – Another Problem LP

If you have a good taste in music, your first thought when reading Münchengladbach is probably, hey this should be spelled Mönchengladbach. That's right. The next thought could be EA80. But this decent town in the far west of germany has to offer some other bands.

One is Another Problem. You can download their selftitled long player from this blog. The style is some kind of hardcore as I would expect from the early 90s but these guys just got to release their songs in 1997. No problem, sound nice as well. To get back to the beginning of this post, of course, Another Problem say Hello to EA80 on the inlay of this LP.

9. Juli 2012

Die Ärsche – Spaß ha'm

So, this could be some easy trick. Got a favourite and famous band, just found your own and give it a name that sound much alike the first one. (Trying also to) playing a same style wouldn't be that worse.

Example number one is: Die Ärsche, everyone knows Die Ärzte (aus Berlin).

Get the two songs about paranoia and violence at one of the best share hoster left. #. It's heavily end 80s influenced german punk rock a.k.a. fun punk. Like Abstürzende Brieftauben and stuff. As far as I know the only release. And so obscure not even discogs feature it (up to now..). I for one, love the artwork even if it is only b/w copied paper.

To mention one last thing, one song is a cover version of a Tot- und Mordschlag hit.