25. August 2012

VA God's forsaken Children

A sampler with Pippi Longstocking on its cover must contain good music. We have:
  1. Y – Blut Und Eisen
  2. Profan – Galkes
  3. Fight Da Suckas – Victims Of Intolerance
  4. D'Rotzbouwen – Consume My Hypocrisy

MF – *

24. August 2012

VA Agressions In An Emotional Way

Subtitled: A german Hardcore compilation. And that's exactly what you get. Systral, Peace of Mind, Day By Day are the outstanding bands from that time on this sampler. Better Tooth Organization rule with their name which reminds me of Schneller Autos Organisation. I don't mind the orthography failure on the cover.
  1. Day By Day – Beautiful World
  2. Grey – Genocide
  3. Spit Acid – No Lifes
  4. Better Tooth Organization – Right On
  5. Systral – Eiszeit
  6. Peace Of Mind – Machine
Download probably at mediofeurio

23. August 2012

Deamon's Jaded Passion 4x

SxE chaotic metallic hardcore screamo. To mention some of the attributes of Deamon's Jaded Passion, as already +Stuck In The Past+ did. They have this post where one could download the longplayer Elodea of DJP but the link does not any longer work. I did some work and uploaded not only this longplayer but only their appearances on other samplers. This is what you can download:
  • Elodea (1998) MF
  • Avarice & DJP Split (1999) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Deamon's Jaded Passion – 98526        
    2. Deamon's Jaded Passion – Half-Nelson        
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – David Benner Song (Part I)
    4. Deamon's Jaded Passion – David Benner Song (Part II)
    5. Avarice – Dead Metaphor         
    6. Avarice – Refuse
    7. Avarice – Third Person         
    8. Avarice – Count Mein
  • VA The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave (1999) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Hybris – Engineered And Built
    2. Thoughts Of Ionesco – As Advocates (Romance)
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – The Fishwife aka Delightful Saturday Afternoon Fuck
    4. Reversal Of Man – Mercy
  • Springwater & Linsay & DJP 3-way Split (200x, also called Three Parts of intense Emotion) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Springwater – Ordained To Decline
    2. Linsay – Contentment
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – Internal Wounds Bleed
I think this is pretty much. Enjoy! Use the links behind the MFs for the downloads.

22. August 2012

Heiland Solo – Heiland Solo

The only reason for uploading this 12" is that it was released on famous Austrian punk label Sacro Egoismo. The contained music is described as avantgard experimental rock. I, for one, kinda like it. For a change to boring punk rock and hardcore you can listen here to interesting guitar solos. Give a try.
  1. Opportunity
  2. Why Shall I Never Fall In Love Again
  3. In All Secrecy
  4. I Can't Love You Anymore
  5. I Talk
  6. The Truth
  7. Killed Time
  8. Tanzstück (Remix)
  9. Insanity
Download at the mediocrefoo.

12. August 2012

Bratseth – Arschgranate & Rockrakete


Arse grenade and rock rocket, well, you haven't expected this? These are two fine punk rock longplayers. I really dig the artwork of the Arschgranate. Bunnies are always fun. I cannot tell much about the contained music but I guess it's really nice. I don't think this is macho-esque wannabe ass kicking rock'n'roll shit that is selled today as punk rock like Turbonegro, Hellacopters and sorts of this. No, this is not my opinion. Und außerdem starb der Fahrer.

Get it from mediafire:
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(maybe) Virus free download link

10. August 2012

Fa. Dammich – Fa. Dammich

Fine rumpel Deutschpunk with funny melodies. All I miss is a song against Deutschland. At least they're having a dig at students. Sometimes you can even hear something like an organ. Funny thing, haha.

Get it here: no one likes my shitty blog <--

8. August 2012

Dirt Shit – Rattenloch


From Austria hails a legendary punk rock combo with it's wanted 7" which was repressed some years ago. The four songs might cover all relevant themes in the eightes. An obvious anti disco song. But besides the lyrics, the music is manifoldly. Reggae? Why not.

Get it here: Get gold membership for instant access

7. August 2012

Bärbel – Punkzirkus

I let the cover of the longplayer speak for the music.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kt25yhnd4wzp896

6. August 2012

Die Leeren Versprechungen – Bella Italia

schwarz rot gold on a punk rock vinyl? wtf!
I don't get this combination of german Funpunk and soccer. But I think if it was released on vinyl it can be considered to be decent. Well in the background the titlesong of this EP is playing and I'm glad it's over. It's more like Schlager but who cares.

This is only the EP / Single version with two tracks:
  1. Bella Italia
  2. 9 Wochen Und Fünf Tage
Get it here: Wait nine and a half week.