23. August 2012

Deamon's Jaded Passion 4x

SxE chaotic metallic hardcore screamo. To mention some of the attributes of Deamon's Jaded Passion, as already +Stuck In The Past+ did. They have this post where one could download the longplayer Elodea of DJP but the link does not any longer work. I did some work and uploaded not only this longplayer but only their appearances on other samplers. This is what you can download:
  • Elodea (1998) MF
  • Avarice & DJP Split (1999) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Deamon's Jaded Passion – 98526        
    2. Deamon's Jaded Passion – Half-Nelson        
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – David Benner Song (Part I)
    4. Deamon's Jaded Passion – David Benner Song (Part II)
    5. Avarice – Dead Metaphor         
    6. Avarice – Refuse
    7. Avarice – Third Person         
    8. Avarice – Count Mein
  • VA The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave (1999) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Hybris – Engineered And Built
    2. Thoughts Of Ionesco – As Advocates (Romance)
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – The Fishwife aka Delightful Saturday Afternoon Fuck
    4. Reversal Of Man – Mercy
  • Springwater & Linsay & DJP 3-way Split (200x, also called Three Parts of intense Emotion) MF
    contains the songs:
    1. Springwater – Ordained To Decline
    2. Linsay – Contentment
    3. Deamon's Jaded Passion – Internal Wounds Bleed
I think this is pretty much. Enjoy! Use the links behind the MFs for the downloads.


  1. hi there,

    please, dude, reup 3-way split! :(

  2. http://www.medi afire.com/download.php?g5jsem1gge6sr1q

    pw: cro2