31. Oktober 2013

Molto Rumore Per Nulla ‎– untitled 7"

Discogs user have recognized this record as Punk. I think it's more emo or even screamo. At least it's not only punk. I think the best: they sing in Italian. Everyone should listen to more non-English Screamo. So please start here. And by the way, there are only 20 listeners on last.fm :(
ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/i429v4xi4c9g0d4/ PW: cro2

30. Oktober 2013

Mutilated Ear-Drum ‎– Emetological Rotten Requiems 3" CDr

Once, I owned this record. It's was packaged in a small plastik bag. It looked so nice and innocent: a 3" CDr with one vomiting girl as cover. Grindcore and Noise from Greece. No surprise the bandname is already the full program. Expect no prisoners, only victims. Haha. Later I sold this record because grindcore listeners have much money. But as there are only less than 100 copies, I think everyone should be able to give it a listen. I dare you!
Again: ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/2ef43aq6686528n/ and cro2 as pass\/\/0rt

29. Oktober 2013

Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra – Space Time

Miss Alex White is the founder of the Missile X Records Label. Together with The Red Orchestra she released the longplayer „Space Time containing some Garage Rock'n'Roll.
download @ m3d1afire: ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/035e1r9s5pfrfvp/ and use cro2 as pa55wort

28. Oktober 2013

My Lai – Unstuck 12"

When there is an hardcore band that covers Fehlfarben, one should take it with cautions. But I think My Lai did their best and I like their Grauschleier better than Baffdecks’ Paul Ist Tot. Even the others songs are great. But here comes the big surprise, singer of famous German band Trend (Die Dienstleistung) was also member of My Lai. That's great. Wow, everything has it's link. Other members were also part of Genepol. Hehe
ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/x331klk5w0d5lm2 | cro2 as pa55w00t

27. Oktober 2013

Miscast – Self-titled 7"

Oh my god, almost a quarter decade old swiss punk rock on Far Out Records. I guess this must be one of the cool stuff. It should be checked out. Download it at one of these links and use the passw0rd cro2. ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/sc7xsj56icytz70

26. Oktober 2013

M.T.A. – Semtex Blues

I have no idea what a semtex blues is but the music is british hardcore from the early nineties. ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/m8zsk8jo8uvmjsg cro2

25. Oktober 2013

M.V.D. – Stagnation of thinking

Someone called M.V.D. old Berlin trash underground. Maybe he is right. Probably you should check it out yourself: ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/rlgfehssob55fw5/ just remove the stars and use the passw0rt cro2.

24. Oktober 2013

Meine Herren – Teufels Küche

If I got this right, Meine Herren had something in common with Slime. Either both are from Hamburg or even better, they shared some members. Additional fact: this CD was released by the Weser Label which did also most Die Mimmi's records and some of the Die Goldenen Zitronen ones.
So here is some new music from the nineties, just remove the stars: ht*tp://www.media*fire.com/download/qnb9099tl2jdxdb/Meine_Herren-Teufels_Kueche-DE-1993.zip passw0rs is as always cro2

21. Oktober 2013

Buoyancy – self-titled 7"

Buoyancy was D.I.Y. hardcore band from Bielefeld, Germany. Members played also in Enfold and The Now-Denial. Their only release, as far as I know, is this 7".
For all Germany based people: Buoyancy translates to Schwungkraft or Lebhaftigkeit. M€D14FIRE ... PW: cro2

20. Oktober 2013

M.A.M.A. – Rock As Fuck

Nice punk rock from germany. Released by quite famous Matula Records. It's the abbreviation of Me And My Asshole. So you can expecte ass-kick punk rock, I guess. mädchiafire PW: cro2

22. April 2013

Cave Canem

You like neo-crust and November 13th? You should definetly listen to Cave Canem. Well, I'm going to give you some free downloads but this comes only for your promise to buy their records if you like them. And cannot imaging anything else but you like them.

Split: The Holy Mountain & Cave Canem

Split: Fractura & Cave Canem

Cave Canem – Untitled

Even their artwork is awesome. Just look at the cover of their Split Fractura, can there be anything else? By the way, you may need some paßphrase to open or even export the music files from the given archive files. This will be cro2.

23. Februar 2013

New Uploads

I finally got some time for restoring some old and deleted uploads. As you requested:

Sorry, no more infos. I just leave the links. Have fun and keep reporting broken links.

31. Dezember 2012

Born As A Joke 2x 7inch

Well, to be honest, these guys put out only two seven inches. It didn't last for a long player but I bet it would be as great as these two seven inches. German punk rock with a bit pop and english lyrics. I really like the artwork. The vinyl colour matches always the cover colour.

http://www.m ediafire.com/?lyj6hk6ox4fso9x

No Pipes No Horns
http://www.mediafir e.com/?nrapf6xrku4pbuy

29. Dezember 2012

Calling Gina Clark 3x

Calling Gina Clark was the predecessors of A Fine Boat, That Coffin!, playing a comparable style of slightly chaotic hardcore with screaming vocals. It's not yet that jazzy like in AFBTC but great, too. Well, I don't know if there are more than these three releases but they should be enough for this post. At least for the remains seconds of 2012.

5 Song Demo Tape
http://www.mediafi re.com/?8yl6ci241555p25

Selftitled 5"
http://www.m ediafire.com/?mq28f1vedcmc1hm

Split with Dispensing Of False Halos
http://www.mediafi re.com/?wlbambzs1qdq5da