20. Januar 2015

Merel – Merel

Some emotive hardcore. You could even listen to the LP on youtube. I uploaded my own LP rip so it could be not that good as the CD rip, but who cares. I adore the cover of the record to be honest.


Artist  : Merel
Album   : Merel
Genre   : Punk
Label   : Gern Blandsten
Year    : 1993
Source  : Vinyl

01. Lint For Brains
02. So Lovely Warmth
03. Rusty Fish Dead Pipes
04. Poolside And Potbellied
05. Waiting For A Fist Fight First
06. Cock Diesel
07. Bile (The Golden Years)
08. Pinatubo Said You Out
09. Outro


  1. It's great! Would you be able to scan the covers too? Thanks.

  2. As it is a LP, I have no scanner large enough to get the cover scanned ;)